Customized IT Solutions

DataSite is a team of professional & reliable experts providing advanced IT services


DataSite is an IT solutions one-stop shop that will provide your organization with optimal solutions that can help you reduce costs, optimize the IT infrastructure’s performance and give you the much needed peace of mind to focus on your business goals.



DB Services

If you’re not sure that your database performance is fully optimized, if you wish to better manage your database with the best ROI, DataSite DB experts are here to provide you excellent database services tailored exactly to your needs.

BI Services

There is so much data stored in your database, so how it is possible that you still struggle with key business decisions due to lack of information? If this question has popped up in your mind, we are here to ensure that this won’t happen again

Big Data

In the last decade, the business world is experiencing major technological developments reflected in a huge database growth. Our experts can help your organization facing the new challenges with the best solutions.


DataSite’s providing IT solutions in
various professional fields and offers a wide range of services, including system services
and support.


Outsourcing in general involves the contracting out of a business process to another party. We offer specialized and flexible outsourcing that provides quality, tailored systems management to optimize your ROI.

Project Management

Are you experiencing system slowdown or infrastructure low performance that you cannot explain? If you can’t put your finger on the roots to these problems, DataSite is here to identify the source.


DataSite’s expert support SharePoint
and provide Trainings, Design, development and  implementation services among the others.

DBA Courses

DataSite offers various DBA courses and training. All of our courses are led by professional experts. The training include BI, relational SQL and MYSQL sessions, as well as real-world examples.

Get to know our products. Learn how they can make your life easier

Alongside our professional expert consulting services, DataSite develops special products as complementary solutions for its customers, helping organizations to better handle the technological challenges they face. DataSite’s dedicated consultants are an integral part of the development stages and products’ implementation. Our experts identify customer needs and market trends with the intention to improve and optimize customers’ IT systems.


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